lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

Saint Patrick's Day

Today Saint Patrick's day is celebrated all around the world. It is said that there are Irish people in almost every country. It is a national day in Ireland and parades go along the streets and avenues of every city. The four leaves shamrock is the symbol to bring you love, good luck, fortune and everthing you can desire.  

Watch the video to know about the history of Saint Patrick.

Then you can practise with this treasure hunt.


jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014

Unit 6: Films and Adjectives

Here you are some exercises to practise the comparison of adjectives:

martes, 11 de marzo de 2014

Our PROJECT : A leaflet about your town, a guide to foreigners.

You are working in groups to prepare a leaflet in English about your town to explain everything to the students from abroad visiting us in May. Click on the photo about Alcalá de Guadaira to watch the example one.

Then, follow the link and do the activities your teacher ask you to do.

We will work in class with the task for several weeks and the deadline for the final project will be 2nd April 2014 to end your oral presentations in groups to the class. You will be given more than one simple worksheet to coevaluate your partners' work and this self-assessment one for you.
Victoria N., Ana P., Lucía P., Belén L. and José Manuel P.

Remember that this project will be evaluated in the third term. Also that we can record a video of your presentations to be uploaded to the blog.